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Yoryorme C (Roy Coleman) has journeyed from seeking out the works of lesser realized to well known icons/legends such as the inconspicuous Andy Razaf and outstanding marvelous Thomas “Fats” Waller; as well as the marginally realized inimitably gifted Billy Strayhorn, overshadowed by the influential incomparable “Duke” Ellington; to exploring and creating “Christian Ethnic Contemporary Music – Yoryorme’s classification) for the Christian Contemporary Music category classification he will probably place under.

Yoryorme C enjoys “having his cake and eating it too” in finding acclaimed as well as not so eminent selections from the sacred music cannon of old-time spirituals, obscure and known hymns, recognized and antiquated anthems and archived oratorio, to render a lyrically flavorful spiritually awakening interpretation, using his God-gifted solicitously evocative unparalleled vocals and beats reviving those once seldom-listened-to melodies into new-time favorites for the melophile.


For Yoryorme C it does not feel like labor for his reward as he visualizes is gaining favor in those listening, to instigate their consideration of Jesus Christ coming into their lives and thereby planting a seed for His plan of increase of the “Good News”; and seeking hopefully to ultimately foremost please Lord God.


Grace And Peace Be Unto You All!

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